Home workout routines during the pandemic

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Hey guys!

I know I have been inactive here lately but to be honest, not much new has been going on during this pandemic period. There aren’t really any interesting training activities or tournaments to talk about since everything is shut down. I’ve only been doing home workouts and going out for runs when the weather is warm enough.

There have been so many changes and so many restrictions it was tough to find a new daily routine. However, I have gotten used to and start to really like the new gym I have established in my room. It’s not much but it’s enough to kill me everyday 😛 so there’s no excuse to not put in the effort, even when everything else is put on hold.

I haven’t posted much about my workouts online since I do feel like a lot of the exercises and workouts I’m doing are quite standard and basic. To me during this period it’s more about consistency and maintaining the effort everyday even under the circumstances. So, I apologize if you feel like you haven’t heard much as to how I stay in shape. But here’s a quick little run down of what my daily schedule is like… and what sort of workouts I schedule myself to do.

My daily schedule

My day is pretty much… Wake up, eat, workout, Zoom meetings/calls, eat, workout again, play with my niece, go out for walks or food/supermarket runs, dinner, babysit my niece again, Animal Crossing, and then sleep.

My workout schedule looks like this:

  • Monday focus: HIIT, circuit training

  • Tuesday focus: Strength, dumbbell full body workouts

  • Wednesday focus: Cardio

  • Thursday focus: Strength, dumbbell full body workouts with PLYO/agility components

  • Friday focus: HIIT, circuits training

  • Saturday focus: Cardio

  • Sunday: Rest

For your information, this is just the focus I have for these certain days. I’m always adjusting the exercises and the workouts that I do, and outside of these focused workouts I do add in extra training on same days - even yoga. So honestly you just have to do what works for you and what your body is able to handle. There are so many exercises we can do that fit into these categories, and sometimes it really depends on what equipment or what kind of space you have access to.

I do have some other topics in the pipeline and I hope to post new updates more frequently in the future! In my mind I thought I would be posting content from my tournaments, sharing with you guys an inside look throughout the duration of my career as I travel all over the world to prepare for the Olympics. However, evidently things took a different turn and I’m sure it took everyone by surprise when all of a sudden it felt like we’re all put on house arrest and it was out of anyone’s control…

Anyway, I’m doing fine! I got used to my new daily routine but am of course looking forward to being able to compete and play again!

Clubs open Tuesday!

Here is some BREAKING NEWS though! Badminton clubs are opening Tuesday May 19th in Ontario! The government has given the green light for certain businesses to open again and badminton is one of them.

It was definitely a bit shocking to me because I didn’t think it would open up so quickly. I’m sure everyone understands a lot of precautions still need to be taken so I hope this decision to open will stay and COVID-19 numbers stay low. Starting Tuesday it’s time to find a new routine, but at least now I’ll have access to my club again and an actual space to work and move.

Q&A on Instagram

If you’ve been following my Instagram, you would know I post quite a bit of stories on my account.

You’ll find me under @michelleli, and I would also like to encourage you to follow @michelleliofficialwebsite as well. That’s a new Instagram profile I’ve made with my website partner in crime. We will use this profile to post news from my website and sometimes reposts from my personal profile too, so if you don’t wanna miss a thing, go and follow that new profile! 😉

Just a few nights ago, I made a Q&A session on my Instagram and there were so many good and funny questions from you guys. I had a good time with them but I’m sorry I couldn’t answer all of your questions. Many were quite similar though so you may have had your replies anyway… 😉 If not, hopefully next time!

Later today I’ll post most of the Q&As from the session here, so stay tuned! I hope you’ll enjoy reading through them!

Talk soon!