Join me on my journey!

Updated: Jan 6

Hey everyone!

Michelle Li here! 😃 I am very excited to finally launch this project that has been in the pipeline for some time now:


My journey first started when I was 11 and I have been pursuing my goals and dreams since I was 18. My journey is far from over and I would love for you to join me as I continue on this path to many more exciting new adventures and experiences!

I will share stories from my career as a professional athlete and tell you about my journey towards becoming the best badminton player I can be. I will give you an insight in the efforts it takes and the challenges we must face to achieve goals that sometimes seem impossible.

Obviously you will also be able to follow my results and stay updated on any news about where my sport or my life will take me next! Who knows, there might also be something here to laugh at every now and then… 🙂

I am thrilled to welcome you all on board. HOPE YOU ENJOY!


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