Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Hey guys!

For the past two years on this day... I'd like to say great things have happened. 😇 I actually won the title of the Macau Open two years in a row with finals being right on the day of my birthday! (For both years! Crazy coincidence? I don’t know, but it definitely made that tournament really special for me!)

But unfortunately, with the current COVID-19 situation Macau Open was cancelled 🙁 so no tournaments during this time. HOWEVER... on this day there are still a lot of other things I am so grateful for and excited about!

For one, I'M HEALTHY and FREE! Today is officially my first day out of quarantine and it has been an interesting two weeks. I very much enjoyed my time alone and realized sometimes we really need these moments to ourselves… WELL, up until day 5 at least! Time slowed down after that and it was a bit too much alone time... 😅

However, the lesson here is BALANCE. There are a lot of things I will miss about staying in the basement and being away from the go-go-go lifestyle. So much power to making time for yourself to just reflect and be in your own space, which is why I will put in the effort to make sure I have these times in my schedule where I can just recharge and slow down. I think it is necessary and it will be very healthy and positive for the mind… so I highly recommend!

Secondly, I’m definitely grateful to be home to celebrate my BIRTHDAY with my family! I’m usually on the road and competing on my birthday, so I don’t get to celebrate much on this day. I don’t need a party or anything crazy, just having cake and being with family is more than enough for me. Even the birthday wishes from all my friends and fans around the world means a lot to me and makes this day extra special too. I can really feel the love and that's the best birthday gift I can ask for.

And lastly, starting today, every November 3rd will not only be my birthday, but also the birthday of my very own MICHELLE LI brand! I have wanted to launch my own brand for a while now and I have been working with my branding team to put this together and plan it all out. We have so many ideas, and so many fun things lined up for this brand, and I am so happy to be launching the start of this on my birthday! This day has even more meaning to me now, and it is only the first step but I can’t believe it’s finally out! (I don’t know if you can feel my excitement, but I am very excited about this!)

Huge shoutout to my team for working hard and making this possible! And thank you to all my sponsors, fans, and everyone out there who have encouraged me all these years! I have gained so much in my journey and with all these valuable lessons I know I couldn’t have done any of it alone.

I know the pandemic has really put a damper on how people feel about 2020, but there is so much to look forward to and ….. it's also ALMOST CHRISTMAS! The greatest time of the year! 😃 I love Christmas, as you can probably tell. Anyways… even though 2020 has been rough… we can end it off strong and start 2021 with high hopes and positive energy!

Once again, today is a BIG DAY… (interestingly enough today is also Election Day, really a lot is happening today). 😅 But thank you guys again for all the love and making my brand possible! First thing I am craving out of quarantine is surprisingly a really tasty bowl of pho 🙂 so I will go have that… because I can leave the house now! 🥳

Hope you guys like the new brand, and see you soon! 😁



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