Q&A session on Instagram

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Hey guys!

As mentioned here earlier today, I made a Q&A session on my Instagram few nights ago. Below you can read most of the questions I managed to reply during the session.

I had great fun receiving and replying all your questions, of which there were many really good and funny ones. Many of the questions were quite similar, so if I didn’t reply to your question specifically, you may have gotten your answer anyway. 😉 Or you will get it next time because I will definitely make more Q&A sessions in the future!

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Enjoy the reading below!


What country would you like to visit after the quarantine? Actually I miss Hong Kong and being around people…

How can I become a badminton player? Set your goals, find a place to train, work hard and trust in the process.

Among all the rackets up till now, which one is your favorite? The Yonex Armotec 900 technique will always have that little special something…

Who is your hardest opponent in the arena? Everyone is a tough opponent in all the tournaments now, but I think the hardest one is always myself.

What racket are you using? I’m using the Yonex Astrox 88D.

What would you do if you were not a badminton player? I would like to think I’d be in med school specializing in surgery.

What is your favorite TV show or movie? I would say Grey’s Anatomy or Friends.

Do you speak any Indonesian? Umm… Terima kasih, semangat, selamat malam… 😉

Which tournament venue is the loudest? That is without a doubt the Istora Senayan in Jakarta!

Do you play a lot of video games, and if so, which ones? Currently I’m an Animal Crossing addict…

Can you cook? I’m definitely still learning, but I won’t starve… 😉

What is your favorite song? Currently it’s “Before you go” and “In my head”.

What would you be if not a badminton player? I’d like to think a doctor by now.

What is your workout routine these days in quarantine? It’s all about the daily home workouts and then cleaning up after my niece…

Lots of love from India! You and your niece look so cute! You always make me smile! Thank you! Keep smiling and stay happy! 🙂

Do you have one thing to say to your Indian fans right now? I love you guys, and I hope to be back for the PBL next year!

Which player in women’s singles is the nicest off court? I don’t know any women’s single that are not nice… I think everyone fights on court but are still very polite off court.

What is you Olympic goal? A medal!

What is your idea for being persistent towards goals? It’s all about the never give up mentality! It’s so important to put in your all, believe in yourself, and come out with no regrets!

How was your high school life? It was amazing! I miss it for sure…

What is your favorite food? Sashimi!

Which five things would you bring to a deserted island? Toothbrush, notebook, colored pens, bread, and my niece. 😉

Who is your favorite person? My niece! 🙂

What do you think about Thailand? When will you play here? Thailand is super-hot and sweaty but I love it! (I prefer hot over cold.) I would love to go to Thailand for vacation soon and look forward to playing Thailand Open again next time!

Is your racket CD code or IP code? I think I use both CD and IP…

What is the first thing you wish to do after the pandemic is over? Travel and compete!

What is your main badminton club in Markham? Lee’s Badminton Club.