See you next time, Indonesia!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Hey guys!

FIRST TOURNAMENT OF THE YEAR has ended! I am definitely sad I couldn’t go all the way and super disappointed I wasn’t able to bring my best fight yesterday. Nevertheless, it is still a good start to the new year with a quarterfinals at the Indonesia Masters. Even though I was super sad after my match yesterday, I can only move forward and work hard to make it better. I will do better the next time I come back to Istora Senayan for the Indonesia Open World Tour Super 1000.

I had a lot of trouble controlling my shots with the draft yesterday and that significantly impacted my speed and the quality of my game. My opponent was also very good and she made it very difficult for me to get in the game. This is definitely a very important lesson for me to start the new year with because it gives me a direction with what I need to work on and improve for upcoming tournaments.

It has been a while since I have had a tournament and after taking a long break in December, it is nice to get back into the routine and mindset. Believe it or not, I actually don’t train much in Canada and most of my training happens in tournaments because I can only afford to meet my coach/sparring partner at tournaments. But for the purposes of Olympics this year, I hope to change that and I am working hard to figure out a more consistent training regimen so I can continue to push forward in the ranks this year!

My experience in Indonesia has been wonderful. Meeting all the fans and playing in front of such an energetic and enthusiastic crowd is amazing. Although sometimes the conditions in the stadium are very challenging, I look forward to playing here every time! I can only hope my ability to play in challenging venues gets better and better.

I want to thank all my fans and supporters this week who came out to show their encouragement and love! It really means a lot and gives me more motivation to keep fighting and not give up no matter how tough the situation gets! Thank you! 😊 I also want to thank my coach and therapist for being with me and doing everything they can to help me. It is hard to find people who are genuine and I feel very blessed to have a great team. I will do my best to not disappoint!

I am sitting at the airport now waiting for my flight with Korean ⭐ Lee Yong Dae. We are both playing in the Premier Badminton League for the North Eastern Warriors and LYD has always been a role model of mine since I started playing badminton. To be playing in the same team as him is something I wouldn’t have imagined having the opportunity to when I first started competing (yes, I am secretly a fan girl 🤩 shh!). He’s super humble and kind and I still look up to him in so many ways! I am definitely excited to see what I will learn and experience at the upcoming season 5 of the PBL!

I hope I can bring you guys exclusive shots of my life in India, and let me know if there is anything specific you wanna see.

Talk soon!


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