The day I learned to make soba noodles

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Hey guys!

If you didn’t already know… I’m a foodie! 😁 I really love trying all kinds of food on my travels around the world, and I feel very privileged that I get to visit so many different countries throughout the year. It is always interesting to taste local dishes in different countries, but I rarely have the time to cook something nice for myself. So when I got the chance to join a cooking class in Japan last year, I happily took advantage of it.

BWF just released the videos from that day so I guess I’ll like telling you a bit about it here as well. We shot the videos at one of my days off during Japan Open in July 2019 where I joined the cooking class of an Airbnb host, Hide. He taught me how to cook the famous Japanese soba noodles, and apart from making the semis at that tournament this was definitely the highlight of my trip!

You can eat soba noodles either warm or cold and they are a nutritious alternative to traditional pasta and noodles. They are normally served with a dipping sauce or in a soup. We had ours with a traditional dipping sauce and it was really yummy!

I highly recommend you to try this

I had a lot of fun making these soba noodles; from mixing the ingredients, to cutting the dough to extremely slices - but of course, the best was eating it afterwards. 😉 I was taught it was rude to make any noise when you eat, but in Japan it is recommended to slurp when you eat noodles. And honestly, it tastes so much better when you slurp.

Check out the videos of the cooking class below, and I highly recommend you to try it for yourself if you ever get the chance. I had lots of fun with this class and I wonder where and what food I will be cooking next… 😉

Enjoy your meal!


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