There’s always a bright side despite self-isolation and no more 2020 Olympics…

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Hey guys,

How is everyone doing during this period of social distancing and self-quarantine? I know there’s been a lot of news and changes happening every day. Some say it’s bad, some may consider this change good… I guess it’s really all about perspective. Personally, I’m sort of in the middle.

A lot of people are asking me and wondering how I’m doing and to be honest, I haven’t really been able to put into words yet how I feel. I think I’m still just letting everything sink in and waiting for more answers. But I will do my best to share with you guys what’s going on in my head during these unexpected and unusual (surreal) times.

I can say that it hasn’t been much fun going to sleep these days. I think it’s an understatement when I say there’s a lot on my mind, ha ha. 😛 It’s hard to ignore the constant stream of thoughts in response to all the news and rumors coming in from so many different sources, and it’s also impossible to know what sort of news we will wake up to the next day.

So here’s a bit of a quick update on the news in the badminton world and some little notes on how I felt about it in the moment…

  1. On Friday March 20th BWF announced that the Pan American Championships in April will be suspended, along with the Asian and European Championships (a little upsetting but definitely expected and understandable).

  2. Later that same day, BWF also came out with news about postponing the Thomas & Uber Cup Finals from May to August (I guess this wasn’t unexpected).

  3. Then just a few days ago, COC (the Canadian Olympic Committee) announced Canada will NOT be sending a team to the Tokyo Olympic Games this summer (this one caught me a bit off guard and started the explosion of endless thoughts and scenarios in my head).

  4. Then finally, IOC (the International Olympic Committee) made an official statement saying that the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will be postponed to 2021 (at least it’s not cancelled, but everything is pushed a year back… so what now…?).

Even though there are decisions made, there are still hundreds of unknowns and it is still just a waiting game. Currently all the federations and committees are in the process of meeting up and deciding on the specifics. So we don’t really know much except for once in my entire career, badminton finally has an off season!!

With the uncertainty of everything, I won’t be surprised if there are more tournament suspensions and cancellations to come. There are already talks about postponing the Indonesia Open to September. All the plans I have made for the year are all up in the air and I am sure many people are going through the same feelings of anxiety and cloudiness.

Looking on the bright side

Like I said before, there’s a bigger picture here and it’s about the safety of everyone! It is important everyone works together to fight the COVID-19 and get back to a healthy and sociable lifestyle. Putting all the negativity aside, I really believe there are positive lessons to take from the occurrence of this virus.

It is fascinating and eye opening to see how complacent WE, the people, have been when you see bodies of water clearing up, wildlife just chilling on the empty roads, family members isolated, people helping people… It is really refreshing and breathtaking to see the impact we actually have on the world and on others.

I do find myself sad at random times of the day because I’ll find myself thinking about all the cancelled events for the year. Also, I’m thinking of all the badminton clubs that are closed till who knows when and the overall impact this whole situation is having on the economy. There’s nothing I enjoy more than training and competing. So it’s a little hard to find that up beat spirit right now and it’s really easy to just lose the focus. A focus I’ve worked so hard to maintain these past couple of years.

However, there are also times when I feel this situation that we’re in is a really good thing. There’s definitely more time now to prepare for the games and train. It also gives whole world a chance to enjoy the little things again, catch up on work, recover the body, rest, reflect and recharge.

I’m cooking!

During this self-quarantine period… I seem to have completely lost track of the day and time. I have to purposely open my phone to check the day and since I’m home all day I never know what time it is. Everyday and everything just sort of melts together when I’m no longer going by a schedule and just doing whatever, whenever.

My self-quarantine started the moment I returned home from the All England, and it is coming to an end soon. It’s a long period of time to just be by yourself, but during this time I am grateful for many things. I have had the chance to enjoy more of nature! Since there are no gyms open, I do my workouts on my lovely yoga mat and I go for runs outside almost every day. I also learned to bake my favorite treats; EGG TARTS and BANANA BREAD! 😀

I have wanted to learn this for the longest time but never could find the time! So now I brushed up on my cooking skills because since we can no longer eat at restaurants, it’s all about the home cooked meals now! Also, I started playing games again, and my guilty pleasure is FORTNITE and TETRIS on Nintendo Switch. 😛

This really gave my mind a break and it was nice to just forget about everything for a little bit and get lost in a game. Most importantly, I learned to cherish the simple things we have all taken for granted; just being able to give a simple hug to a friend, or spending time with family, lifting weights…

I’m looking forward to what the next few weeks will bring. I think it’s time to take advantage of the time and lessons we’ve been given during this COVID-19 phase. After these weeks of isolation, I think I’m ready to get back on that forward moving horse. Not quite sure where I’m going though, but I will do my best to make the most of every day. Even if it’s just taking it one day at a time, one little goal at a time. I’m super grateful for all the support people are showing to everyone that is affected during these times.

Stay healthy, everyone!