Thoughts by the pool in Brazil

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Hey guys!

I’m currently laying by the pool, listening to the ocean waves and just peacefully people watching as I write to you in this new post. Team Canada won the gold medal today at the Pan Am Team Championships!!! 😀🥇🥳

This means both the girls and boys teams will be heading to Aarhus, Denmark, for the Thomas and Uber Cup finals in May! The girls beat USA 3-0 in the final and the boys beat Mexico 3-1 in the final. I was the first match on today and I’m happy to bring my team in the lead with a 21-12, 21-6 win over my opponent.

Yesterday I had a tough first game against Brazil in the semifinals. However, I managed to pull through with a 29-27, 21-11 win over my opponent. It was a long trip to Salvador. Coming from India, and then Canada, it took me some time to adjust to the conditions here. Nonetheless, I’m still happy with the result and proud of Team Canada for their performance this week.

Unexpected mini vacation

Although short, it has been an amazing and unexpected couple of days. Coming into this tournament I really thought it would be all business and I’d just be here to play my matches, then take off on a 10 hour flight back to Canada. Little did I know, the tournament hotel was actually a resort right by the beach… so it turned out to be an unexpected mini vacation for me on the side.

For months I have been wishing I could go to the beach and swim in a pool. Be under a scorching hot sun. Turn off my brain for a little bit. I had no idea that this is what I would be coming to until I got here. In the morning I would play my match with the team. Then in the afternoon we all enjoy the nice warm weather by the water.

Sure I know I should be focused on my matches, and I am. I make sure I don’t overdo anything but right now just happens to be a perfect time to get a couple days of relaxation time in. The weather has been amazing here in Salvador! With the Olympics just around the corner there is no way I can fit in a recharge session like this at any time before TOKYO. So I’m grateful for this lucky mini break and it has been really nice to just be near the ocean.

The ocean has always been a place for me to clear my head, to let go of the stress and tension that builds up over time. Everyone’s way to relax and recharge is different. Being by the water is the best way for me to recharge. What’s yours?

Now feeling refreshed and ready to go, I’m excited to get back and train to prepare for the next stretch of tournaments!

Tough weeks ahead

Coming up will be a tough six week venture starting with three weeks in Europe and then three weeks in Asia. First stop is Germany, then England, Switzerland, India, Malaysia and ending off in Singapore. So this mini vacation in Brazil was really perfect timing for what’s to come next!!

Gonna have my last night here in Salvador enjoying the heat; tomorrow I get on a plane back to -20 degree weather. 🥶

We’ll talk soon! ❤️


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